March 16, 2005
Royal Oak Facility


Chris Barnard (Chair), Margot Allingham, Alan Barnard, Karl Boerner (SEC.,), Clarence Diebold, Ted Howard, Yvonne Jack, Derek Knox, Ted Scratchley, Murray Sharp, Ed Warkentin


Len Arychuk

1. Call To Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 09:35.

2. Approval Of The Agenda:

  • The motion to approve the agenda as submitted was seconded and carried.

3. Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On February 16, 2005.

  • The motion to adopt the minutes was seconded and carried.

4. Business Arising From The Minutes.

  • Derek state that he would be pleased to help with the work on the web page.
  • ---------

5. New Business.

A. Correspondence.

  • A thank-you note was received from Don and Margaret Eklof with regards to the flowers sent for their 50th wedding anniversary.

B. Reports

  • 1. Treasurer
  • Alan gave his reports, explanations, and answered questions. For ease of usage the Building Fund was set up at the Bank of Montreal.
  • 2. Benefits and Liaison, COSCO
  • Cosco is mainly concerned with the upcoming election. Four Special Election Issues of the Cosco News will be printed with emphasis on health, housing, income and a wrap-up. Clarence made copies of Issue # 2 available.
  • 3. Fellowship and Communications
  • Ted Scratchley has finalized the Brunch at Bedford House for April 24 at 11:30 for the price of $21 with coffee or tea, gratuities, and taxes included. He also made a deposit of $150.
    Margot reported that the invitations for the Brunch were ready to be mailed. The cut-off date for registration is April 15.
  • It was decided to spend about $25 on roses for the ladies.
  • 4. Membership
  • Chris gave 189 as the number of paid members; 57 who had paid last year had not paid yet.
  • 5. Web Page
  • Alan pointed out how busy he was and that he was pleased with Derek's offer of help.
  • 6. Travel
  • Ted Scratchley pointed out that the trip to Russia will be offered for the Spring 2006.
  • Ted Howard informed that the Newsletter is being printed, to be mailed by BCIT, and should be in the hands of members by the end of the month.

The motion to accept the reports was seconded and carried.


  • Ed met with Bob Mackenzie to discuss the Modified Licence Agreement, which will be further scrutinized by both sides with lawyers involved at various stages. Considered by the Council members were the length of the agreement and the renewal clauses, and whether the BCITRA should become a registered society.
  • It was clarified that the members should have no parking problems at the new building.
  • Alan read the letter directed at the members and launching the fund drive for our new building.
  • Discussion topics were target sums, target dates, and flexibility.
  • ---------

7. Next Meeting:

  • Wednesday, 20 April 2005, at 09:30, in the Telephone Exchange Building.

8. Adjournment.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:35.