August 15, 2007
Royal Oak Facility


Ed Warkentin, Chair, Margot Allingham, Alan And Chris Barnard, Karl Boerner, Sec., Clarence Diebold, Ted Howard, Ted Scratchley, Murray Sharp


Ray Bremner, Yvonne Jack, Derek Knox, Ted Marchant

1. Call To Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05.

2. Approval Of The Agenda:

  • The motion to approve the agenda was seconded and carried.

3. Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On June 20, 2007.

  • The motion to adopt the minutes was seconded and carried.

4. Business Arising From The Minutes.

  • Laurie Clark of the BCIT Foundation was not available to talk to the members.

5. New Business.

A. Correspondence.

  • Alan received a query with regards to membership from an instructor on extended sick leave, who is ready to retire.

B. Reports

  • 1. Treasurer
  • Alan presented his report. The donation to the BCIT Foundation and bursaries led to a discussion and the motion that $ 2000 be donated to the Foundation to go into the fund and two bursaries.
    The motion was seconded and carrried.
  • 2. Benefits and Liaison, COSCO
  • The Cosco delegates did not have a meeting in July.
  • 3. Fellowship and Communication
  • Ted Scratchley suggested to consider the restaurant Cravings for the coming luncheons, pointing out that Bedford House was getting too pricy for some of our members.
  • 4. Membership, Recruitment, Recognition and Support
  • The membership stands at 202 according to Chris. Discussed were ways and means to obtain reliable lists of the names of retired employees.
  • 5. Web Page
  • The report was not available.

The motion to accept the reports was seconded and carried.


  • Revisit the Constitution
  • It was decided to defer the discussion to the next meeting.
  • Travel
  • There has been no follow-up to see how many people signed up for the China trip. The 3-day cruise was offered too late; it was suggested to make the offer about one year ahead of sailing.
  • Ted Scratchley has been investigating a cruise to San Diego that includes wine tours. He'll provide more details at a future meeting. Day trips to La Conner and Harrison Hot Springs were mentioned. The first to admire the tulip fields and the town, the second the sand sculptures.
  • Newsletter Report
  • 600 copies of the very well-done Newsletter were produced.
  • Activities
  • Activities were discussed and it was mentioned that groups were started and discontinued because members showed interest but did not participate in activities.

7. Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be held September 19, at 1000 h, at the Royal Oak Facility, Rm SE 4-40.

8. Adjournment.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:10.