April 16, 2008
Royal Oak Facility


Derek Knox, Chair, Alan & Chris Barnard, Karl Boerner, Sec., Ray Bremner, Ted Howard, Ken Mitchell, Ted Scratchley, Murray Sharp, Bob Wagner, Ed Warkentin


Ted Marchant

1. Call To Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05.

2. Approval Of The Agenda:

  • The motion to approve the agenda was seconded and carried.

3. Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On March 19, 2008.

  • The motion to adopt the minutes was seconded and carried after the words EXECUTIVE COUNCIL had been changed to BOARD OF DIRECTORS meeting.

4. Business Arising From The Minutes.

  • To be covered under reports.

5. New Business.

A. Correspondence.

  • a copy of the minutes of the COSCO delegates meeting,
  • a note from ING with regards to the change of treasurers,
  • confirmation that the bursaries had been awarded and,
  • a query and a donation from a member.

B. Reports

  • 1. Treasurer
  • Bob reported that $1200.00 in membership fees had been paid since the beginning of the year, and that the last cheques for the luncheon were coming in. Total current assets are $8963.93.
  • 2. Benefits and Liaison, COSCO
  • Clarence had been absent for several meetings and summarized some of the topics dealt with at the delegate meetings of COSCO. They were: the difference between public and private sector pensions, the carbon tax, homelessness, the environment, seniors' heath and future conferences. For details of the latter please see the minutes of Feb. 20.
  • 3. Fellowship and Travel
  • Ted Scratchely has only 35 reservations for the luncheon. Reasons for the low turnout could be the Sun Run, the increase in cost, etc. Chris has had a look at the Bavaria House in New Westminster, where the schnitzel and the goulash soup are excellent and the cost seems to be reasonable. With Cheers getting cramped, the Bavaria House could be considered.
  • Ted and Ray have bought prizes for the luncheon, a 50/50 draw will be held and a BCIT jacket can be won in the draw.
  • 4. Membership, Recruitment, Recognition and Support
  • Chris stated that 176 members have paid their membership fee. A final reminder will be mailed to those who are still in arrears.
  • 5. Web Page
  • Ted Marchant is travelling and updating the Page from far away and exotic places.(Note from the Web Page: You can see photos of his trip in northern Argentina as it progresses.)
  • 6. Travel
  • The Yellow Point Lodge will not be the object of a trip as stated by Ted Scratchely. It is booked almost a year in advance. A long discussion centered on a short cruise, a trip to the Okanagan, picnics, BBQ's and a wine and cheese party. Stressed was that planning for travel in 2009 has to start early, preferably now.

The motion to accept the reports was seconded and carried.


  • Miscellaneous
  • 1. Chris mentioned health problems of Margot and her husband. Concerns and wishes for their good health were expressed by the members.
  • 2. Ed and Alan attended the Open House. Alan as a judge of exhibits. He was impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and the instructors.
  • 3. The motion to pay for Bob's Quicken program was seconded and carried.
  • 4. Alan mentioned the plight of the Children's Hospital and the effort raise funds to rebuild it. This led to the motion 'To donate $1000 to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation'.
    The motion was seconded and carried.

7. Next Meeting:

  • It is to be held on May 21, 2008, 10:00, at the Royal Oak Facility, Rm SE 4-40.

8. Adjournment.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:25.