November 19, 2008
Royal Oak Facility


Derek Knox (Chair), Alan & Chris Barnard, Karl Boerner (Rec.), Ray Bremner, Clarence Diebold, Ted Howard, Ted Marchant, Ted Scratchley, Murray Sharp, Ed Warkentin, Margot Allingham


Bob Wagner

1. Call To Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05.

2. Approval Of The Agenda:

  • The motion to approve the agenda was seconded and carried.

3. Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On October 08, 2008

  • The motion to adopt the minutes was seconded and carried after the reservation dates for the dinners had been corrected.

4. Business Arising From The Minutes.

  • To be dealt with during the meeting.

5. New Business.

A. Correspondence.

  • Received were the minutes of the Cosco Delegates' Meeting.

B. Reports

  • 1. Treasurer
  • The report was not available.
  • 2. Benefits and Liaison, COSCO
  • Clarence talked about the Conference on Seniors' Health, Housing, and Income, which he attended in September. Stressed was that seniors are an under-utilized asset of society, that health education and literacy are vital to the well-being of a senior population, that communities must be planned with seniors in mind, and that because of their increase in numbers they could wield political influence.
  • 3. Fellowship and Travel
  • So far Ted Scratchley has received 22 reservations for the Christmas Luncheon Buffet.
  • Ted Howard and Karl are to sell the 50/50 tickets.
  • Mentioned was the possibility to hold the luncheons on weekdays, when private facilities are available.
  • 4. Membership, Recruitment, Recognition and Support
  • Chris announced that we have 209 members.
    During the discussion about attracting members, the membership form was mentioned, and editing it was suggested. The motion that:
    The membership form should clearly state that the first year of membership is free, and the following years would be $10.00 per year was seconded and carried with one vote in opposition.
  • 5. Web Page
  • Ted Marchant had received neither the invitation to the Luncheon nor a copy of the October minutes. He's ready to put the report on the latest cruise on the Page.
  • 6. Travel
  • Ted Scratchley enjoyed the cruise along the Pacific coast. It was discouraging to have only ten persons participate.
  • Discussed were short cruises, lead-in times to allow planning; good offers and the need for quick communication with the members.
  • The continuing problems to get a note into the Update were mentioned.
  • Strong support was expressed for another of Murray's wine tours.

The motion to accept the reports was seconded and carried.


  • Newsletter
  • Ed needs articles, reports, photos for the Newsletter.
  • General
  • The President of the Institute, Dr. Don Wright, has been invited to attend one of our Board meetings. He has also received an invitation to join us at Cheers.
  • The usual supects have offered to look after the draw, etc. at the Christmas Luncheon.

7. Next Meeting:

  • It is to be held on Jan. 21, 2009, 10:00, at the Royal Oak Facility, Rm SE 4-40.

8. Adjournment.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:50.