September 16, 2009
Royal Oak Facility


Derek Knox, Chair, Margot Allingham, Alan & Chris Barnard, Karl Boerner, Sec., Clarence Diebold, Ted Howard, Ted Scratchley, Ed Warkentin


Ted Marchant, Murray Sharp, Bob Wagner


Ray Bremner

1. Call To Order:

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05.

2. Approval Of The Agenda:

  • The motion to approve the agenda was seconded and carried.

3. Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On:
June 17, 2009:

  • The motion to adopt the minutes was seconded and carried after the name of Ted Marchant had been added under REGRETS.

4. Business Arising From The Minutes.

  • Derek will try to arrange a visit to the Library and Archives to take place in October or November.

5. New Business.

A. Correspondence.

  • Alan received the Minutes from the Cosco Delegates' meeting; a statement from the Endowment Fund (the suggestion was made to put it on the Web Page); and expressions of thanks for flowers received for their Golden Wedding Anniversaries from Ted Howard and from Ted Scratchley.

B. Reports

  • 1. Treasurer
  • Alan gave the report, Bob being absent. He pointed out that four members had paid their dues and mentioned that the Board members should think about a donation to the Endowment Fund.
  • 2. Benefits and Liaison, COSCO
  • Clarence reported that major concerns at the Cosco meeting were Pharmacare, the environment, the Harmonized Sales Tax, and the Kyoto Agreement.
    After a debate during which members expressed their opinion pro or con about global warming the motion: To send a letter in support of the Kyoto Agreement to MP's, etc. was seconded and carried, by five to four votes.
  • 3. Fellowship and Travel
  • Chris and Ted Scratchley had the number of participants for Bowen Island, 8; the Wine tour, 9; the Dr. Sun-Yet Sen Classical Chinese Garden, 2; and Minter Gardens, O. Discussed were a wine and cheese party and a repeat of the dinner at JJ's.
    Cheers, (upstairs), is booked for Dec. 8 at noon at a price of $ 22.
  • 4. Membership, Recruitment, Recognition and Support
  • We have 178 paid members according to Chris. A final reminder will be sent out to those in arrears.
  • 5. Communications (Web Page)
  • The report was not available.

The motion to accept the reports was seconded and carried.

6. Other Business

  • BCIT will be closed in 2010 from Feb. 12 to 25 on account of the Olympic Winter Games.
    The BCITRA meeting will be held on Feb. 10, 2010.

7. Next Meeting:

  • It is to be held on October 21, 2009, 10:00, at the Royal Oak Facility, Rm SE 4-40.

8. Adjournment.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:35.