General Information

The myBCIT  Card

Have you got your 'myBCIT' Card yet?

Replacing the 'One Card', the myBCIT Card is many cards in one and gives you access to many on and off-campus services and discounts,including:

  • the BCIT Library,
  • Recreation Services,
  • Discounts for services such as; eye care, dental, automotive, batteries, etc.,
  • as well as many other perks.

Check out additional information on the myBCIT Card, including how to order your card online, by clicking here. This site gives a full explanation of the benefits associated with using the myBCIT card.

You can also obtain your myBCIT Card at the Security Office in SW1, (across from Registration) by showing your BCIT Retirees' Association membership card. Your myBCIT card will identify the holder as a Student, a member of Faculty or Staff, or as a Retiree.

BCIT Recreational Services

Have you been 'working-out' lately?

Remember when you worked at BCIT and never had the time to do all the things at the RecCentre that you promised yourself you would do: "If only you had the time."? Well, guess what you're retired now! Check out the activities available to you by looking through the pages and pages of opportunities..

Oh oh, I didn't mean to scare you off with all the talk about exercise, etc. Recreation Services is more than just exercise and perspiration, they've got all kinds of activities available from archery to dancing to yoga to ...!

Not only that, you can get great discounts on season ski passes at Whistler, Blackcomb and Mt. Seymour. All of this special pricing is available through BCIT Recreation Services.

Check it ALL out!
Don't forget, you'll need your myBCIT card.